Suddenly, a woman who declares to be the real Isadora, arrives at the scene wearing the same clothes as the triplets, and also looks like and acts like Yaya Dub. Tinidora reassures a hysterical Nidora that her worries are unfounded. Lola Nidora and Yaya are making final preparations for this Big Day. The popularity of Eat Bulaga! Seeing this, Nidora apologizes to Alden and to her sisters for not believing them.

Yaya finally comes down from her room and brims with excitement upon seeing Alden who presents her with flowers. Retrieved 17 November Lola Nidora receives another phone call and pleads with the second mystery caller not to visit her. Meanwhile, Alden asks his fellow Dabarkads for advice on what to bring and how to act during his visit. Retrieved 5 August She begs Yaya Dub not to have her weeksary with Alden.

Lola Nidora reveals a box that contains the next challenge.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Nidora informs the couple, that in order to proceed to their date, Alden and Yaya Dub will have to do a matching game again. Suddenly, Anselmo finally arrives at the Broadway to finally reunite with Nidora.

Lola Nidora, however, wants more chili, so she brought him to her Olympic-sized pool filled with chili peppers for the real challenge: The EB Team congratulate Nidora, Yaya Dub, and Alden who is not present for receiving the Catholic Social Media Awards last night for promoting proper social and moral values and also for being inspirational role wat for paril youth. CCC Preparation – Facebook”. Retrieved 10 December Nidora says that she cannot be sure and informs the studio panel that the doctors performed an X-Ray on Yaya and discovered that Yaya’s heart is stricken with love for Alden.


Eat Bulaga April 29 Part 4 – – video dailymotion

Lola Nidora gathers enough strength to tell Alden that “everything happens for a reason” and begs him to make her happy by letting the YaKie wedding proceed. Kalyeserye Day – Trust. In order to build a better future for their children, many OFWs are separated from their families.

Retrieved 30 June As part of their 10th weeksary, Alden presents Yaya a surprise on the split-screen monitor: While Frankie signs the check, the police arrive and arrest the pastor under charges of illegal recruitment and falsification of documents.

Download EAT BULAGA SEPTEMBER 17 Kalye Serye ALDUB –

First Date Part 2 – Facebook”. Retrieved 17 August The Broadway commentators and Tidora are still curious about the mysterious voice they heard yesterday.

Maine becomes confident and tells the panel that she, and not her character Yaya Dub, who is actually the one accepting bulagga gift, when Alden writes “Bagay sayo, Maine” “It suits you, Maine”. Lola Nidora soon realizes that she cannot replace Yaya Dub, who then appears much to Lola’s joy.

The wedding starts with the march and proceeds with the pastor’s opening rites. Her sisters Tidora and Tinidora, however, believe that they are just overreacting since they do not have an idea when or where Isadora will appear. Yaya Dub gives Alden a letter and in exchange, he gives Yaya the handkerchief Bossing Vic gave to him earlier. Lola Tinidora and Nidora continue their subterfuge and disguise as Yaya Dub.


Tinidora reassures proboem hysterical Nidora that her worries are unfounded. Yaya Dub and Alden’s ‘Cinderella’ moment”. Lola Tinidora volunteers to be Yaya’s choreographer. Nidora tells Yaya that traditionally, men would serenade women to woo them. Then a call comes solvng, announcing that their sister Tinidora has been found. Retrieved 19 May Isadora also explains that Nidora is strict to Yaya because she doesn’t want Yaya to be like Ursula, who was very aggressive and impulsive when she hastily fell in love with Dodong, a gardener in the Zobeyala household.

The triplets try to chase them, while Nidora asks them the whereabouts of her Secret Diary.

In the middle of their party, the mysterious woman appears again. DoraLola Nidora’s granddaughter, arrives at the scene.

Eat Bulaga April 29 2017 Part 4 –

In the meantime, Nidora receives a call from the Mystery caller, who does not demand anything but the person can be heard laughing on the other end of the conversation.

She reassures everyone that she is otherwise fine by being jubilant and dancing. Retrieved 17 Bulagq After some prodding, Nidora gives some clues as to what the folder contains.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29