The teenagers of today face a rapidly changing world with many challenges. However, having a good plan will not benefit you, unless you stick to it. A network of violence: Challenges come in various forms: They act differently and may be consumed with self- reproach, anxiety and fear. Do you know how to do it?

This is compounded if parents bicker and fight all the time while they are at home. This might lead to panic and eventually stress. Firstly, parents should take full responsibility of their children and their daily movements. Teenagers may become pressurized, stressed out or worse, be depressed. Posted by Unknown at

The stress of adolescence is one of many factors that can make young people unhappy. This challenges students to increase their knowledge and to prepare them for challenging tasks in their careers later on in life. This is proven to be one of the biggest challenges that teenagers will face today. Being in love and falling out of love is a challenge faced by teenagers today. In his book titled Gang TownDon Pinnock argues that punitive measures have limited success at a community level, especially when dealing with young people and children.


In this affluent society, owning a car is not impossible dream. Finally, you should prepare a timetable for revision.

For many young people in South African communities where gangsterism is rife, their lives are not reflective of the promises made by democracy.

The mistake, however, that many academics make, including myself, and NGOs and the state, is impose their idea of what needs to be done in these communities. The introduction of this article has been revised from an earlier version to be in line with UCT regulations on referencing and using content that had formed part of Charity’s thesis.


“Making the Number positive”: Addressing youth needs that gangs fulfil – Blog – SaferSpaces

In order to understand what those needs are, conversations need to start taking place with young people in disadvantaged communities. There should also be good communication between parents and children.

Cape Gang Culture ]. They act differently and may be consumed with self- reproach, anxiety and fear. Another factor contributing to the increasing traffic jams is Malaysians ganvsterism not in the habit of car pooling. This might lead to panic and eventually stress.

“Making the Number positive”: Addressing youth needs that gangs fulfil

If members are negative, lazy and not committed, they may be rejected by members. Even when there is the ease of travelling in our Light Rail Transport LRT which has been hailed as the solution to reduce traffic congestion, many of us still prefer to travel in the comfort of our own car.

Gangsterism has become a problem in many schools these days. There have been and still are programmes that meet some of the needs of the youth.

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To be able to handle the different mood swings is also challenging to the teenagers. As the poor continue to seek access to resources, they become vulnerable to exploitation by the powerful, and in this case, the gangs. Interventions should essentially be aimed at meeting the developmental needs of children and youth that are not being met, instead of only seeking to eradicate the crime problems associated with gangs. Van der Merwe, M.


eliminate gangsterism in school essay

By then it will be too late. Being effective team members helps prepare students for the workforce too. Past gang intervention strategies have primarily been based in law-enforcement techniques.

eliminate gangsterism in school essay

Although efforts have been taken by school authorities to curb this problem, unfortunately, it still exists. Challenges come gangeterism various forms: Newer Post Older Post Home. Street gangs provide support structures, a network of relationships and an understanding of identity, especially among male youths.

Secondly, study groups promote active interaction among students. Gangsterism is becoming a growing problem in schools these days. Punctuality is another ground rule that all members come and go as they like, the bond will be broken and the group will slowly sink.

eliminate gangsterism in school essay

You need to have a study schedule or a plan elimibate work for each day so that your time will be allocated effectively. All teachers should encourage and guide their students to form study groups. When this happens, these innocent victims fall preys to the negative attractions handed to them by gangsters.