Which one of the following is NOT one of those assumptions? Superior had 38, gallons in beginning inventory and 26, gallons in ending inventory. Each unit of Kisty takes two units of component L. Work-in-process, May 1 46, 78, silentlips gmail. Direct wages 1 28, Supervisor costs 2 11, General overheads 3 4, Machine depreciation 4 2, Machine overheads 5 18, Materials 6 34, Total 98, Notes v Direct wages comprise the wages of two employees, particularly skilled in the labor process for this job. But no unit has been yet sold. What is the relevant cost of labor if the labor must be hired from outside the organization?

For example, does it choose to use a scarce resource for Contract A instead of Contract B? Closing stock 80 units Production units Sales units Based on the data, the opening stock for April will have to be: As an alternative, the calculators can be sold in their present condition for Rs. Bruce has budgeted sales of Rs. Forecasts for first 7 months is as under: Finished goods inventory Question No:

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Normal payments refer finap the fixed salary of the supervisor. It is vital to note that relevant costs are always future costs. If chemical B is further processed, it would cost Rs.


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The per-unit fixed cost would decline as production increased. Chapter 12 – Answer. Which one of the following is NOT one of those assumptions?

Given the following data, prepare a cash budget for the month of May, June and July. During the month, 50, units were transferred out. The cost of Rs. What is the relevant cost of labor if the company expects to have 5 hours spare capacity? Forecasted sales for May, June and July are Rs.

final term paper mgt402

It takes 5 pounds of sand to produce one bottle. The company uses a FIFO costing.

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Prepare income statement of year 2 under absorption costing. So labor is principle budget factor in this case. Like a company wanted to producepieces of computer but skilled labor available is able to produce only. Download mgt mid mgt42 8. Other sub-contractors who are skilled in the special order techniques are also available to work on the special order.

The variable cost for each unit is Rs. Material is added at the end of the process and conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the process. Download mgt mid term 4.

final term paper mgt402

Product “B” has a contribution of Rs. What is the margin of safety in Rs. Download mgt final term 4. They could be transferred from another department to undertake the work on the special order.


Log In Sign Up. Work-in-process, May 1 46, 78, silentlips gmail. Budgeted production and production costs for the year will be as follows: They are fully occupied in their usual department and sub-contracting staff would have to be brought in to undertake the work left behind. The selling price for each unit is Rs.

Such costs are known as?

The amount of direct material purchases is expected to be: Download mgt mid term 5. At what sale price would the company be in different between disposing of chemical B at split off and further processing the chemical? The detail of operational Income is as follows: Prepare cash budget for third quarter. The firm has a cash balance of Rs.