My CC21ob Hurricane responds well on rough and calm water and is easy to handle in current and wind. A new business is like a new born baby. No pressure; just knowledgeable people. Fantastic boat, needed something that could seat 10 people and the sundeck doesn’t disappoint. Click here for more details.

Had some issues with the plastic on the switches but the dealer replaced with metal. To order go to shopping cart by adding this and other business plans or by check include name of Business plans,. Other processes involve customer satisfaction and providing other essential services. Marketing ensures that you advertise your products and services beyond your neighborhood in order to generate more sales and make more profit. They were extremely knowledgeable about the boat, advising us well.

This is the first deck boat I have owned and was peasantry surprised at how well it handled choppy water. However, if you intend to run a standard Jet Ski rental business, then you need to set busineess your business in a place that will favor it. We have enjoyed our new Hurricane to date and would recommend a deck boat to others interested in an all around recreation boat.

Another thing to consider before starting this business is your source of finance for start-up. This business makes a profit by renting jet skis to individuals over the age of 16 on an hourly basis.

gdy ski business plan

I enjoy the functionality and speed which my Hurricane boat offers. You need to carefully study all your insurance options; you can also meet with a professional insurance agent that would guide you on the best policies suitable for your business. Very comfortable boat, quick to plane eye catcher!


The nature of this business might restrict people from operating this business from their pplan, and so an gy facility with a large yard for parking the Jet Skis must be taken into consideration.

Starting a Jet Ski Rental Business – A Complete Guide

We wanted to get some good use out of the boat before winter storage. Choosing an LLC will also make it easier for you to file your tax returns as a partnership, sole proprietorship or corporation.

A very good value in a lake boat. They tried to find the original material so that it would match the canopy and playpen cover that came with the new boat.

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I purchased a center 23′ console in If you succeed, we succeed, so let us help you! Drive a Hurricane and you can go anywhere, do anything and be anybody.

gdy ski business plan

Do you want to start a jet ski rental company? Mark Campbell was our salesman and he went above and beyond to please us and make sure we knew all we needed to know about this boat.

We bought a Hurricane SD in September. Last items in stock! The open layout and the 2 tables give us the pontoon feel, but we’re able to do watersports like a speedboat. If you have been tinkering with starting your own Jet Ski rental business, but you lack sufficient knowledge about it, this article will offer you all businfss necessary information you need to build a successful business.


Jet Ski Business Plan

The importance of finance in a business cannot be overemphasized, and it is equally important in the Jet Ski rental business. It can easily handle all of your needs: Limited use so far this spring but am very pleased with the boat and quality.

You also need to set aside a little amount for repairs and to ensure the machine works perfectly. We have had it for about 3 months, and use it primarily on a fresh water lake.

It is capital intensive to purchase the Personal Xki Craft needed to start the business. It has been a most wonderful experience to now own and enjoy this boat daily. Satisfied with our new boat and how we were treated by the dealer. Equipped with Yamaha Four Stroke plenty of power for all activities!

A sound boat in the turns minimal hull slap Yamaha gets up to plane quick nice to know up capable. Everything they did and said was correct and exactly what I expected. We love the boat.

gdy ski business plan

We would recommend Hurricane Boats and Pelican Marine to everyone we know looking to purchase a new boat.