Monique Roffey is an award-winning writer, born in Trinidad. Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out of the course once the full fee has been paid. Boost your presentation skills Presentation skills: Following a UEA-Guardian Masterclass, many of our students have finished writing and publishing their books, with several going on to win prestigious prizes. You will also have the opportunity to meet with some of the leading biographers at work today and find out more about how they approach the work of writing biography. Writers will learn through workshopping to listen to constructive criticism and to receive help from the tutor and group in thinking of ways forward.

Workshop focusing on plotting, and capturing the first draft of a novel. He or she will explain how they came to write their memoir, the challenges they faced, and open themselves up to questions from the group. The UEA Guardian Masterclasses offer a series of accredited writing courses in London, designed for committed writers who would like to create a more formal space in their lives for writing. Discovering your voice You know who you are. Business Mastering media interviews:

Closing workshop There will be a thorough summation of the course. Each student will be given the opportunity to talk about their desires and fears and their past writing experience if it appliesand their literary tastes. How do we construct this network in a biography and how in turn does it influence another crucial dimension in biography: Week 8 In the first half of this session we fuardian draw on written exercises to explore another key question in the creation of biography: In the first half of this session we will draw on written exercises to explore another key question in the creation of biography: In the second half of the session we will explore the question of voice and voices in biography through written exercises that will draw on letters, diaries, memoirs and interviews.


guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Outlining your project This week each writer comes with a word scene or section from their memoir and a wrifing outline. Structure part two The second half of the group will present their word summary for workshopping.

Mid-course review and editor visit Where have you got to with your memoir?

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Three students will read work and receive feedback per session, for 45 minutes each. We will discuss different possible structures, as well as story patterns traced in memoir. The range of prose styles is enormous, from extremely pared-down language to heightened poetic prose. How do they present themselves to the world and what do they withhold? Encouraged by reviewers who described The Pike as being as compelling as the best fiction, she is currently writing her first novel.

Learn the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency in this comprehensive non-technical course, and how you can use it to advance your business. There will also be a minute session at the start or the end of each workshop where further literary extracts or pre-set texts will be discussed and further technical exercises set, or for visiting speakers to hold seminars and answer questions.

Language Prose style – the way you use language in your fiction – is a matter of inclination and taste. She has reviewed books or theatre for all the major British newspapers, and she has judged numerous literary awards. Ross Raisin is a prize-winning author. How to write creatiev proposal that will impress agents and publishers and how to go about finding an agent for your work.

Level 2: How to complete the first draft of a novel

We will also consider the possibility creaitve self-publishing. For information on the latest courses from Guardian Masterclasses, sign up to our newsletterfollow us on Twitter or keep an eye on our calendar.

We will discuss the idea of drafting a novel as opposed to capturing one wfiting single draft, writing chronologically as well as non-chronologically, how to cope with big setbacks and wrong turns and the problems of the often unreliable super-ego.


guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Tutorials Tutorials x 6 students to include feedback on short story 1. Please see our terms and conditions for msterclass information on our refund policy.

So how do you create characters that are interesting, believable, flawed, complex, dynamic? Characters reveal themselves through dialogue, but dialogue is not necessarily a verbatim reproduction of everyday speech, even though it might approximate to it. The university’s reputation makes it well placed to reward aspiring writers.

Level 1: How to tell a story | Guardian Masterclasses | The Guardian

Week 6 This session will be given over to individual tutorials. How cerative you mix scene and summary? He is former dean of the faculty of arts and humanities, professor of literature, and director of the centre for creative and performing arts at the University of East Anglia.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

How to write stories for children with Laura Dockrill. He has taught at universities in the United States, Europe and Guarfian. When does a story emerge and how can you shape it?

The Guardian is proud to announce Masterclasses, an ambitious international programme of face-to-face courses across film, food and drink, gardening, music, photography, technology, writing and other disciplines. But the power of description is available to us to transport the reader into the worlds of guwrdian fiction; to evoke and stimulate; to create atmosphere and to bring our stories alive, to make them palpable.

This zest for the discovery of new ways of telling gaurdian gone along with the exploration of many different kinds of subject: