I have mentioned the category a as I was working as a software developer. The L1 holders documents are critical. Hi Mamta, I have answer to few of your questions. Thanks a lot, Nehal!! I am also sending the paper-based application but I was trying to fill it in adobe and then taking the print out. Have you filled it with a pen then? In general, if your L1 approval notice is expired, you should get your extension done first.

Hi, I just wanted to know that can h4 visa holder will be eligable to work in usa,nd if its so then what would be the formality,. Using a pencil or felt pen, lightly print your name and A-Number if any on the back of the photo. Whatever is required, it has to be done by the employer. So, it depends what kind of job you will be holding. It is recommended to send the receipt copy. Also, its Birth Certificate with Photo Id — it means you need to submit birth certificate and another document like DL having the photo. I am in the same boat.

Apply L2 Visa EAD card – Documents Checklist, Sample Cover letter

One of our blog readers asked few questions regarding the same. I followed the same document which was shared by Saurabh in this page with some small addition to L1 beneficiary document. Hi Vamsee, So Did you get receipt number yet? You should also write the reason of withdrawal.


For H4-EAD renewal applications, select 1. My EAD has been approved. Hello, As xover above list of documents: And it can take another 1. You will have to fill Q Does that happen to you as well? Leave a Comment Cancel reply Comments Policy: Mine was also sent to Vermont and I got in about 45 days, Hope yours will come soon too.

Sample Resume Cover Letter for H4 EAD | RESULTS OCEAN

Your head must be bare unless you are wearing headwear as required by a religious denomination of which you are a member. Venkat, The above answers are not for renewal. It is not explicit, so maybe confusing.

It is recommended to send the receipt copy. My current H1 expires on 25th August and the extension has already been filed under premium processing and I expect the decision to be out sometime next week. I already filed AR form change of address. So the old cancelled passport has stamping for both of us. Thanks for the reply, what is the L1 approval notice.

Below are the details i have gathered, please review and let me know if i am missing something.

h4 ead uscis cover letter

I have answer to few of your questions. Hi Sonya You submitted your form before feb 28th or after 28th? Hi I am Ipsita. If any issue is raised by USCIS later with respect to your withdrawal or current status, you can submit the certified mail receipt and copy of letter as a proof ea you did request a withdrawal.


Not sure how and when i will get receipt number, have you got user name to login? Can we change the mailing address after filing the L2 EAD application. Using a pencil or felt pen, lightly print your name and A-Number vover any on the back of the photo.

Hey, did you get receipt number yet? The photos must be in color with a full face, frontal view, on a white to off-white background. We have included a covering letter just to make sure, it lists all the documents as a general good practice.

Speak to your attorney. Is below documents is enough to apply for L2 EAD? Attach this form at top of the EAD application package. What is the general procedure? He was kind enough to answer them and share the sample cover letter template. Hi guys, Can any of you please answer my queries?

h4 ead uscis cover letter