Master of Architecture MArch. In recent years, he focuses on the technology for building inspection, especially non-destructive tests on concrete. Following the success of anti-heat stress clothing, the dedicated research team tailored a personal cooling vest for construction workers, with the joint effort of other international universities. The project has also benefited from collaborations with researchers in China and Australia. In fact this equipment has been used for research and supporting activities related to the Sichuan Earthquake relief and re-construction of earthquake stricken areas. It is the principal pollutant in photochemical smog in Hong Kong and in other major cities around the world.

Given that PTES is capable of considering routes with over stops in Hong Kong, its usefulness to local citizens and visitors is not hard to imagine. In this talk, the speaker shared his experience on the application of some advanced NDT technologies for building and civil engineering, including Ultrasonic Tomography, Microwave Moisture Meter and Ground Penetrating Radar. They were also thankful to Morgan Stanley for their valuable support, without which they could not have participated in the event. Issue 5 – March Back to Main Eng. Introduction Admissions Programme of Study. To bestow recognition on the remarkable achievements of Ken and students of other faculties, an Outstanding Student Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 4 February , with awards presented by our President, Prof.

Further, it can also accurately determine the rotation angles of the TBM in the underground space by invoking sophisticated computing algorithms.

Ozone in the lower part of the atmosphere influences air quality, ecosystems, and climate. Master of Science in Real Estate. The students from our University cooperated with the local technicians and workers to build new homes for the refugees and the needy, using bricks, cement, sand, concrete and steels. The equipment can also be used in applied research in respect of the needs of the local surveying and mapping related professions.


HKIS Outstanding Final Year Dissertation Award 2011

About Projects Events People. Albert Chan, Head of BRE, a number of anti-heat stress research projects scooped up several local and international awards over the past years. The comments from the panel of awarr were highly encouraging.

Huge Congratulations to the research team of the cooling vest projec Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies. All the participants found the experience highly rewarding and would like to thank their Department for the contribution towards their accommodation and transportation expenses in Sichuan.

China Network MSc Programs.

hkis dissertation award

Interested parties are invited to visit the following website for more details: This technology makes use of special GPS data management and processing algorithms, hardware and software to enable one GPS receiver to work with multiple antennas so that the deformations of all the points equipped with the antennas dissertatlon be closely monitored. The awards are as follows: Introduction Admissions Programme of Study.

Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE)

Their professional growth will definitely strengthen the quantity surveying profession in the future. In this talk, Cindia discussed the types and characteristics of different sub-contractual arrangement. Master of Landscape Architecture. Following the success of anti-heat stress clothing, the dedicated dissertatiom team tailored a personal cooling vest for construction workers, with the joint effort of other international universities.

hkis dissertation award

He has worked in conjunction with other students from LSGI, as well as from the School of Design and the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, under the guidance of their lecturers on this bridge building programme, which later won a Bronze Award given through the Community Service Learning Programme organised by the Student Affairs Office.

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies.


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Introduction Programme of Study Admissions. Ministry of Education Awards Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Through wireless data communication and computer visualization, TunnelingGSV visualizes the underground working environment in real-time 3D computer graphics, supplemented with the use of Internet technology to enhance communication. The main objective of the scholarship programme dissertagion to reward outstanding students who study quantity surveying at local universities and the Institute of Vocational Education IVE.

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REC students win the HKIS – Dissertation Award 2012

Moreover, he also gave a brief introduction on current Applied Researches related to NDT, which may help construction professionals to evaluate the condition of building and construction work. About 20 apartments were built during the period; works continued to be undertaken by the local technicians and workers who aimed to have around apartments completed by the end of Master of Science in Construction Project Management.

These studies will not only help us understand the current urban development and the associated environmental issues, but also provide policy makers with vital information to deal with the problems at various stages of development, and to clarify the long-term goals for sustainable development in the region. On top of his excellent academic performance, Ken dixsertation also participated actively in community services and extra-curricular activities.

Featured Alumni Alumni Update. This was the ninth ceremony in a row that the QSD organised.

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