This bill is an effort to promote earlier identification and assistance for basic special education needs which should then mitigate costs over the long term. Short Since , residential developers in New Castle County have been required to seek either a certificate from the Department of Education declaring that the local school district has the capacity to absorb additional students from the new development, or alternatively pay a Voluntary School Assessment which is held in trust for the local school district to be used for new construction and expansion projects. Use the Tab and Up, Down arrow keys to select menu items. In the original bill, a report to police was mandatory. The Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism is to provide training and technical assistance for Delaware state agencies, organizations and other private entities operating in Delaware who serve and support individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. The amendment would allow SEED funds to be used for programs to provide workforce training skills.

Both parents would be eligible for such leave. Pathways to Prosperity is a workforce development initiative aimed at increasing career readiness amongst high school students. The Journal should be considered the authoritative version. PDF versions of the amendment may have slight variations from the Journal entry. This House joint resolution fulfills the condition of 14 Del C. Expanding health care supports.

Updated on July 1 st Higher starting teacher salaries. Executive Orders – Historical. Instead, they should be undertaken as part of the planning phase for redistricting upon commitment of necessary and sufficient funding. Tools Statute Information Retrival System.

This amendment also clarifies that charter schools are included in the restriction. The amendment clarifies that by the school year, gb1.20 computer science course may satisfy one year of the total credit graduation requirements in mathematics excluding Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II, or the equivalent courses.

HB 64 List of tasks. HB 64 Presentation by Camille Booth.


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An evaluation will be conducted of the pilot and of the alternative evaluation systems used in school districts and hhb1.20 throughout the state that includes educator perceptions and surveys of parent and students.

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Under the act, Delaware State University, Delaware Technical and Community College, and tsak University of Delaware are invited to help collect and analyze data to assess the program. Documents for Bill HB 64 30th Legislature Additional documents may be added – continue to check back. Return to the homepage collapse.

Increasing supports for older students with disabilities. It requires that on all state-funded construction, public works, or improvement projects that contractors and subcontractors must draw 30 percent of their workforce from the Representative District where the project is located, and five percent of their workforce from eligible Delaware veterans.

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Warman design and build competition. Course Coordinator Don Clucas. School districts are encouraged, but not required, to match up to 30 percent of said funding. This act seeks to strengthen certain aspects of Title 14 of the Delaware Code with respect to charter school audits and seeks to improve the relevant sections of the Title for consistency and cross-reference of terms.

This bill clarifies that a vote by the General Assembly as required in 14 Del.

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The act provides for parental notification of the curriculum. Statewide funding will be initiated for students of low socio-economic status, English Language Learner and basic special education, K-3, and shall be provided initially to the Red Clay School District, Capital School District, and Indian River School District, with the intention that at least one school district from each county will also receive additional funding in subsequent years.


This act clarifies that a vote by the General Assembly in support of redistricting serves to authorize the State Board to proceed with the redistricting, but does not constitute approval of any particular revenue or spending measure proposed in the Plan of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission. This bill is an effort to promote earlier identification and assistance for basic special education needs which should then mitigate costs over the long term. All bills are sorted by policy area, and then by date of most recent action.

This bill establishes a permanent steering committee for the Pathways to Prosperity initiative, in order to ensure the long term sustainability and adaptability of the program.

Subject to the approval of the Dean of Engineering and Forestry. Undergraduate certificates and diplomas. Use the Tab and Homewoork, Down arrow keys to select menu items.

148th General Assembly Education Report

Bill Tracking Management Facility. To ensure the low-income resources reach the schools hg1.20 they are most needed, this act requires that at least 98 percent of the units be directed toward the schools that generate the funding unless otherwise waived by a local board of education during a public meeting.

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The Secretary shall provide options for implementation of a uniform procedure for all schools and school districts within this state to notify parents of their right to opt out, along with a standard procedure for parents to opt out.