The Doll called Alicia case study focuses on toys. Sign in Already have an account? You might also enjoy reading: Links to Websites for Case Study The activity should also help students revise key ITGS topics including system fundamentals hardware and software , mapping systems, and the Higher Level IT Systems in Organisations topic.

This guide to artificial intelligence charts the history of the discipline, with examples. Of course, security is a key issue with any payment system, with potentially very serious impacts if unauthorised users are able to access sensitive customer data stored by Red Dragon Taxi Company. This great poster documents the history of social robots — machines developed specifically to interact with humans. Case Study – Definitions. NFC – Not for Consumers?

The task is to make a recommendation report for Red Dragon Taxi Company, ittgs formulate a plan for the implementation of new technologies. The Case Study mentions that they should be first hand interview accounts etc, and discussions, so I think it would now be an appropriate time to discuss this.

5 AI & Robotics posters for ITGS HL students – ITGS News

This activity can help students understand the requirements of Red Dragon Taxi Company as well as provide a useful opportunity for database revision. Going digital is always risky, but these days, not going digital is probably riskier.

Many of the features mentioned on the web site are exactly the same as those required by the Red Dragon case study. Red Dragon mapping activity.


Case Study Red Dragon Taxi Company (Paper 3) | ITGS Textbook

Red Dragon Taxi Company. The resources below detail a variety of possible payment technologies, including mobile payment. Taxi Central dispatch software appears to be hosted software that taxi companies pay a monthly rental fee to use.

Plus they might have to share their profit with other companies which they have partnered with. Tigs case study was for May and November only.

itgs hl case study 2013

By DaxMarch 31, in Other Subjects. Telematics is the process of using IT to monitor driver behaviour New technology could put itsg end to taxicab long-hauling A technology to monitor taxi drivers to discourage them from taking longer routes to increase passengers’ fares. The aim of this task is to improve students’ understanding of the case study and the current challenges faced by the Red Dragon Taxi Company.

ITGS Paper 3 Case Study 2013 – Red Dragon Taxi Company

Taxis Combined An Australian taxi company that allows customers to book online. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

The aim of this task is to familiarise students with the case study, to check their understanding of key parts and vocabulary, and to link it to some of their prior learning. Application to specific scenarios Strand 3: Posted April 11, This detailed page includes cqse for small and large taxi fleets, and in-car technologies such as GPS and satellite navigation systems, which the case study document specifically mentions. Application to specific scenarios 2. Here are five infographics that make excellent classroom posters.


Uber is a taxi startup that lets customers use smartphones to summon nearby taxis. Introduction Strand 1 1.

5 AI & Robotics posters for ITGS HL students

This guide to artificial intelligence charts the history of the discipline, with examples. It seems reasonable that MAGS may be looking to develop humanoid or android robot toys in the future, so this is a resource worth studying. Download the activity here: I hope you will find these useful.

This page will be built up with primary and secondary resources and lessons ideas. Posted Stuyd 26, Discuses near-field communication that can be used to turn mobile phones into wallets.

itgs hl case study 2013

Sign In Sign Up. These make great examples for students to perform further background research on. Students will need to reference both secondary and primary research, just as they do in the final exam.

Isarfunk – Taxicentrale – Munich. Giving them better working conditions and better pay After a while thoughwhich will then help solve the labor problem.