Gandhi Mukherjee Shinde Kharge. He was of the view that Dalit leaders should not only fight for social reforms but, also demand political representation. Although poverty ridden Jagjivan Ram never applied for scholarship granted on the basis of Untouchability, as in those days there was no provision of scholarship for Dalit students, he got Merit scholarship on the basis of his Merit. Four decades of Jagjivan Ram’s parliamentary career. Transport Network In India. Jagjivan Ram was nominated to the Bihar Council.

Hindu Samaj was sitting on a dump of explosive, which when exploded shall bring disaster. Wednesday, April 4, In Indira Gandhi ‘s government, he worked as minister for Labour, Employment, and Rehabilitation —67 , and Union Minister for Food and Agriculture —70 , where he is best remembered for having successfully led the Green Revolution during his tenure. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jagjivan Ram. He worked as the Minister of Defence —74 making him the virtual No. Caste discrimination was unfortunately prevalent in those days in BHU as well. Archived from the original on 6 July

He reviewed the old labour laws and implemented them in a more effective manner.

It was during his tenure as agricultural minister that the Green Revolution took place. On division in Congress party in Babu Ji acted as shield to Indira Gandhi, who nominated him as Congress President and so, succeeded in wonning Parliamentary Elections.

On 3 rd Feb.

In he was nominated to the Jagiivan Council. Although poverty ridden Jagjivan Ram never applied for scholarship granted on the basis of Untouchability, as in those days there was no provision of scholarship for Dalit students, he got Merit scholarship on the basis of his Merit.


Nothing was dearer to him than his country and its peoples Babu Ji was against transfer of political power on the basis of family backgrounds and resisted the ways of Sanjay Gandhi.

He chose to go with the nationalists and joined Congress, which wanted him not only because he was valued as an able spokesperson for the depressed classes, but also that he could counter B.

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It was [Jagjivan] Ram who had moved the jagmivan in the Lok Sabha endorsing the emergency. He also became a Mahant of the Shiv Narayani sect, and being skilled in calligraphy, illustrated many books for the sect that were distributed locally.

India, in total, shares land borders with 6 sovereign countries. His resignation came as a shock to the Congress, and as a harbinger of things to come.

Babu Jagjivan Ram

To improve the deteriorating food front, he again took charge of the Food and Agriculture Ministry. Inhe contributed to the establishment of the All-India Depressed Classes League, an organisation dedicated to attaining equality for untouchables. India defeated Pakistan in the war when he was the defence minister.

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Jagjivan drank water from the Hindu pot, and because he was from an untouchable class, the matter was reported to the Principal, who placed a third telguu for ” untouchables ” in the school. Jammu and Kashmir This northern state of India is mostly located in the Himalayan mountains.

Jagjivan Ram imbibed his idealism, humanitarian values and resilience from his father, who was of a religious disposition and the Mahant of the Shiv Narayani Sect. By the time Jagjivan Ram died on 6 Julythe political fortunes of another powerful Dalit leader — Kanshi Ram — were on the rise.


When Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister Babu Ji was given the most fearful Agriculture Ministry portfolio, as the country then was in the grip of swear draught and shortage of food grains. Sc degree from Calcutta Now Kolkata University. He improved the service conditions of the Army, Air and Naval personnel and provided them better pay and facilities.

Rail and Transport Minister – 7 December to 17 April Since India has installed 1,50, flood lights on… Read More He also extended the network of post, telegraph and telecommunication to remote village areas.

5 April 1908: Babu Jagjivan Ram, union minister, was born

The place of his cremation has been turned into a memorial, Samata Sthaland his birth anniversary is observed as Samata Diwas. Metrology was used for the first time in river teluggu projects, irrigation projects and in the navy.

jagjivan ram essay in telugu

He had an elder brother, Sant Lal, and three sisters. He received a B. President of India website.

Jagjivan Ram

He also ensured unopposed victory of 14 other candidates of BDCL from reserved constituencies. Babu Ji as a member of Constitution Drafting committee member contributed immensely during the constitution framing debates. He was also drawn into the Indian National Congress.

His birth centenary celebrations were held all over the nation in Jagjivan Ram was born at Chandwa near Arrah in Bihar.