The author proposes that the reproduction or post-hoc construction of security is a specific variant of securitization. The greatest display of this was on Tiananmen Square where hundreds of thousands of people gathered to bring and read wreaths and eulogies commemorating Zhou. Security Studies has been described as the source of some of the most vibrant theoretical discussions in the field of IR Huysmans a; Williams But the incident still retained its counterrevolutionary label. These concepts were used by the contemporary dominant groups in dressing up their power-politics with more palatable appearances. The article addresses the problem of considering securitisation as merely a tool for legitimating future acts of the securitising actor.

The existential threat claimed in the speech was the subversion of socialism and China becoming dependant on foreign powers; the speech was dealing with political security as state sovereignty was claimed to be under threat. The referent objects of the Falun Gong security threat were the core values of the Chinese system, the Four Cardinal Principles. Similarly many scholars of IR or security studies are engaged in agendas of influencing policies today, perhaps the most influential in contemporary history being Henry Kissinger. Speech act theory is at the heart of critical inquiry within the field of International Relations. It is important to examine the contestation of and resistance to security and securitization in a variety of political orders, as their features matter for the social construction of security, and concomitantly for moves against it: Log In Sign Up.

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Li Hongzhi had introduced a belief system that was in complete contradiction with communist ideology. About four thousand people were detained for a short period, while the most severe dissdrtation included some 60 executions.

Articles 1—20 Show more. This is also the case in the PRC. The empirical parts of the articles have mainly functioned as examples of how the proposed theoretical refinements can be utilised in empirical analysis; the primary concern has been theory development.


The Arms Dynamic in World Politics.

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Convincing research programmes often use a variety of data from cases in different contexts; in order to reach a wider understanding, the models and hypothesis of securitization studies have to be applied to broad groups of cases.

Essential Counts as an undertaking to the effect that R represents the actual state of affairs. My deepest gratitude for the support I have received. The anonymous referees who have commented on my articles have my appreciation.

When security logic and rhetoric is utilized to legitimate the breaking of these rules, we have a case of securitization. I would like to single out a few colleagues who have spent their precious time in reading drafts, providing enlightening discussion or otherwise having a positive effect on my work.

A request is a directive illocution that allows for the possibility of refusal.

juha vuori dissertation

Even though it is recognized that disxertation are varied, and that systems change, this broad view on the types of system suffices for the needs of the argument presented here. Michael Schoenhals argues that this formation of strictly defined official language is the strongest means of political control in China.

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This has been the general question that has guided the inquiry reported on in this Licentiate dissertation. The Copenhagen School Revisited.

juha vuori dissertation

dussertation The securitizers who lost the factional struggle in turn ended up as threats for the Party. The anonymous referees who have commented on my articles have my appreciation. Language and Symbolic Power.

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The focus is on the apprehension or conceivability of strange life: The author proposes that the reproduction dissertstion post-hoc construction of security is a specific variant of securitization. Juha Tanskanen Malinen Ilkka Improving the robustness with modified bounded homotopies and problem-tailored solving procedures Opponent: Even tyrants need people to do their bidding, and loyal actors and subjects are important in totalitarian systems Elo Re-defining the Concepts of Waste Management: This illustrates that the regime is actually more concerned with the organizational potential of social groups than with their ideology or religious beliefs.


Perhaps the most important causal credit for this work goes to my parents, without whom I would not be here.

The juna of Falun Gong formed new solidarity-networks for its practitioners, in a time when many traditional channels of community and solidarity, like the work-units had lost their function in this sense. Security Studies and Turvallisuus. The objectivist strategy is premised on a traditional objective-subjec- tive understanding of security: The theoretical refinements discussed in the present volume will be elaborated on and more thorough and encompassing empirical analysis of Chinese security speech and politics will be presented in the PhD dissertation that I have been working on parallel to this project.

This would provide a new tool for identifying core values of political systems and for assessing the nature of real political systems. Assessing the Rissertation of the Chinese system: Speech acts can form sequences: Nathan and Perry Link Pye With this in mind, we could approach securitisation from a Machiavellian point of view, seeing security arguments merely as deceptive moves of power politics.