What impact do the school improvement goals have on me? Assist the teacher intern with instructional activities such as planning, management techniques, assessment, and parent conferences;. Program of Study Guide for: There is a separate guide for: If the teaching environment changes significantly e. Be sure to give interns enough time to complete this task before the committee meeting is set. The plan must be approved by the committee before implementation.

If the teacher intern is employed after the date required to submit the Confirmation of Employment in accordance with Section 4 3 a of this administrative regulation, the teacher training institution shall appoint a teacher educator no later than ten 10 days after being notified by the district or nonpublic school of the need for a teacher educator. The second bullet is hyperlinked to the correct webpage. Receipt of this degree is not necessary in order to obtain More information. Emphasize the you must statements on page Lesson Plan Task B: Participants that have completed the homework and face-to-face session should not leave without a certificate. Conduct a lesson plan review prior to each of the three observations.

Receipt of this degree is not necessary in order to obtain.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework – PDF

Each plan for tasks D, E, and F must be approved by the committee before they are implemented. Review PGP and teacher performance assessment.


ktip training homework

Clearly articulate stage at which teacher presents pre-assessment — prior knowledge For Learning Objectives, the intern may want to use Learning Targets: You will use evidence to explain your assessment decisions during mentoring sessions with interns, committee meetings, and possibly in appeal hearings should you serve on a committee that decides not to recommend an intern for certification.

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Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)

By the end of the internship year Note: Using prior knowledge and experiences in your school, create a context for a lesson. We are sad that this program is ending, as most people have found it extremely beneficial for new teachers.

The observations and Cycle 1 meeting must occur during the 1 — 60 day period following September 4. KTIP training homeworo participants to serve on teacher intern committees. In the classroom or at the work station of the teacher intern. These could include skills related to classroom management, engagement of students, etc.

Share with a partner some specific differentiation strategies committee members should recommend to interns for item 5 on page Ttaining are the entrance requirements? The PGP is reviewed during the appeals committee to ensure the committee members have provided opportunities to assist the intern in meeting needs.

With your partner generate examples of effective activities.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework

Reconnect to prior learning: Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System. The leadership project needs to be manageable and meaningful for a first-year teacher.


ktip training homework

Teacher evaluation occurs through a variety of activities: Examples of open-ended questions: Stress the importance to interns of communication of student results as an ongoing process: Your class seemed homeworkk really enjoy this topic. Be sure to give interns enough time to complete this task before the committee meeting is set. We think you have liked this presentation. The beginning teacher committee shall determine the progress and improvement of the teacher intern, pursuant to KRS These notes inform your assessment decision about the standard.

ktip training homework

Refer to Response to Intervention in addition to participants feedback. Designing the Instructional Unit Task H: This evaluation is to be completed by the department More information.

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It is not necessary to record every single event you observe, but rather, to include examples of those events that clearly address the benchmarks and inform your standard marking. Ensure you have collected all university training materials from participants.

Positions Requiring Certification More information. The request shall contain the following:.