Laura is currently supervising a number of MA and PhD students and welcomes graduate student applications on topics related to the history of refugees and migration, humanitarianism and settler colonialism. One method is to interrogate the power structures that shape the relationship between the state and the refugee and the dynamics that sustain it. Culture and the Politics of Disappearance Minneapolis: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Europe alone was defined as the emergency. This rich body of information has not survived the passage of time in any kind of accessible manner. I did not find any reliable statistics on population movements into Macau though I consulted UNHCR records on the refugee population in the Portuguese colony.

But as the international community started to isolate South Africa in the s, its international discourse started to change. Duke University Press, Migration Laws of Australia and Canada Vancouver: That is true of South Africa as well. If a squatter settlement was devastated by fire or typhoon a regular occurrence during the rainy season , victims were required to register with the Social Welfare Department to obtain relief. If we can do right by the individual student, we shall do right to the other colleges and the state. Authorities in Beijing refused admission outright and the government of Taiwan only accepted soldiers case 79 Ibid.

Throughout the four decades under study, people leaving communist China were rarely assisted as refugees, despite the suspected, and on occasion confirmed, persecution on the mainland. This engagement is reflected in the informational pamphlet produced by Catholic Immigration Services inMadokoeo in our Midst: Subsequent chapters explore the incremental institutionalization of refugee relief and resettlement practices in the postwar period and the contested nature of this change.


Oxford University Press, and Murray Rubinstein ed.

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disserrtation There was a variety of information available about how to do this. Michel Foucault, Security, Territory, Population: There are many connections between these projects. Melbourne University Press, Instead, they privileged victimhood over all other signifying aspects of an individual in motion. It was an agenda advanced by a variety of actors in numerous ways.

In emphasizing the role of race in limiting understandings of Asia, Price draws lauar different conclusions from earlier work on the role of race in foreign relations. The Soviet Union remained the primary target of Western energies in the Cold War and the propaganda value of refugees from the European bloc as opposed to the Asian bloc was assessed accordingly.

These questions point towards how one might investigate the world of the migrant. One faculty member recalls:.

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As such, the Lai family simply moved through the existing system and how authorities might have perceived their degree of refugeehood can only be left to speculation. Oral history and photographs appear a lot in your research.

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I madlkoro especially thankful to those who agreed to be interviewed for this project. Most were totally impoverished.

This data is undoubtedly inaccurate given the significant population movements between China and Hong Kong during the Second World War.

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Difficult to effect, deportations were also a sensitive issue. Hatton and Jeffrey G. Importantly, their departure was made possible because family members in Hong Kong provided information about gaining entry and offered accommodation upon their arrival.

laura madokoro dissertation

In confronting the postwar discourse on universal human rights and contending with the advent of the global Cold War, settler societies came to embrace the idea of being humanitarian nations and the philosophy that immigration programs should be based in part on humanitarian principles.


The Carter Center,9. It appears that senior ministers in the St. The long history of exclusionary policies directed at Asian migrants by authorities in settler societies created entrenched and systemic discrimination that persisted well into the twentieth century. Moreover, humanitarian work is often assigned the supporting role in a much larger drama when in fact it has a structuring effect.

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Yet this terminology is troublesome. For Chinese Canadians, however, the initiative appeared disingenuous. As a result, there was an inconsistent and fractured response to the idea advanced by NGOs, churches and Chinese community organizations that the people leaving China were refugees in need of assistance. In doing so, they became acutely aware of the importance of networks in facilitating movement.

Bill French first contacted me to tell me I had been admitted to the program. See Powers of Freedom: It is not its purpose nor alura it the facilities to handle social problems, and therefore the help of the provinces and all other social agencies and organizations in the country, is needed.

A number of archivists, librarians and scholars helped along the way.