Posted November 24, First is that the Navy is foremost in applied technology, intelligence, and defense of the country. Thanks for your input! Posted on Oct 25, I heard board ends this wednesday rumor , but results were out the last week of February last year, so probably about the same amount of time.

As a Naval Officer I will be able to have a wider reaching impact and help set future generations on the path to keep America Strong. I am an Electronics Technician Third Class in the United States Navy, and I’m writing with no better way than to get back into college, earn a degree, and become a naval officer. Posted January 11, I am a dedicated husband, father, martial artist, and intelligence professional. Hi John, Thanks for posting. I have understanding of and experience in leadership. I would like at least a week or so in case I have to submit anything before the deadline.

Posted November 24, The Army gave me an arena in which to practice leadership, planning, administration, management, and critical thinking, skills. ITC Harley Rider 2. Last year board convened on the 11th of January with quotas and discrete requirements out on the 12th. I thank you all for your candid responses and I feel it is already a lot stronger. I want to be part of that legacy.


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Can you please review my personal statement for Navy OCS?

The Army gave me cqo arena in which to practice and hone those skills then developed them further with NCO Professional Development School, the Leadership Training Program, and most importantly practical hands on experience. Already have an account? Because I hold my country and the ideals of the Constitution in the highest esteem my single desire is to make my country better by serving it faithfully and honorably, which I currently do as a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army.

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Becoming an officer in the US Navy will give me the chance to fully use my natural gifts and abilities. Log In with Facebook. Sign In Sign Up. Posted December 12, Posted November 7, By earning a commission in the U. I have understanding of and experience in leadership. Mine is still listed there.

ldo cwo personal statement

I am in the process of setting my packet in order to be reviewed for Navy OCS. CTRC 5 Thanks for the rumor! Go To Perspnal Listing.


Commission as Naval Officer – Personal Statement Example

The first paragraph meanders with platitudes; doesn’t tell me much and has too much syrup. Sign Up with Google. This topic is now closed to further replies. Hi John, Thanks for posting. Posted October 25, Good Luck as well.

ldo cwo personal statement

If you have the time review my personal statement and indicate where I can improve? Posted January 25, Dlo Dogg said is accurate, and this will be my 3rd time up, and my 3rd time up will all 10’s on my appraisals, so that is definitely not the magic bullet.

Can you please review my personal statement for Navy OCS? | RallyPoint

Us navy ldo sample personal statement. Missed my last shot for LDO by three months. Yours comes in at