Phenylhydrazines are capable of exerting haemolytic effects following a haemoglobin-catalysed metabolic conversion. The seeds are specially used as fungicide for dressing fresh and septic wounds. Leucocytosis, parasthaesia and peripheral 2 of 9 neuropathies may be delayed for several days. Moreover, boiling, which incidentally is a common practice of traditional medical practitioners in Nigeria, potentiated the riboflavin, niacin, tocopherol, total proteins, crude fiber and mineral contents of this vegetable. Nutritional values of some tropical vegetables. This finding justifies the traditional usage of this vegetable in the management of diseases that have free radical origin.

Chlorophyll is very sensitive to any pH below 7 and is converted to pheophytin. Superoxide dismutase SOD is a widespread enzyme that protects cells against the deleterious effects of ROS especially the superoxide radical Petkau et al. The film was examined systematically by browsing through the different fields. Causes gastrointestinal irritation, with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and systemic symptoms such as laboured breathing, dizziness, bluish skin, weakness, fainting, and jaundice. Some biochemical, haematological and histological responses to a long term consumption of Telfairia occidentalis -supplemented diet in rats. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are the chief sources of mineral elements in the diet.

Literature review on gnetum africanum

By the shape of the nucleus: The cyanide contents of the samples raw and cooked were determined using the alkaline picrate method [11]. Despite the pharmacological importance and the wide spread usage of this vegetable, it is surprising that there is paucity of information in literature on the residual constituents of this vegetable when cooked.

Annals International Medicine 7: The reports on increases in the contents of minerals, crude fibre and crude protein of G. Hct Values Normal Values: Journal Clinical Investigation, onn Finally, the antioxidant potentials of both the raw and boiled gnwtum indicate that both forms of the vegetable could be useful in the management of diseases that implicate free radicals.


literature review on gnetum africanum

Histologically, the liver hepatocytes and hepatic plates were respectively elongated and enlarged while the intestinal mucosa showed elongated villi and enlarged submucosa.

The loss of carotenoid contents of the cooked vegetable is attributed to the liteeature of the plant tissue, leading to the release of the carotenoids [24]. Causes severe irritation, redness, blistering.

Literature review on gnetum africanum

They have also been reported to be good sources of minerals as well as vitamins [2]. Qualitative phytochemical constituents of leaves of Gnetum africanum. Battlement method of film study was used. There were no significant differences in the phytochemical composition of the raw vegetable compared with the cooked one. Sterols are a subgroup of steroids with a hydroxyl group at the 3-position of the A-ring. Serious poisonings may result in respiratory depression and may be fatal.

The seeds are specially used as fungicide for dressing fresh and septic wounds. Journal of Cell Physiology, Experimentally induced toxic-haemolytic anaemia in laboratory rats following phenaetin administraton.

literature review on gnetum africanum

Inflorescence an unbranched catkin, axillary or terminal on a short branch often in groups of 3, up to 8 cm long, jointed, peduncle 1 — 15cm long, with slender internodes and whorl of flowers at nodes. Gnetum africanum is one of the vegetables commonly consumed in Nigeria especially south eastern Nigeria where it is used in preparation of soups and salads because of the belief gentum its leaves are important source of valuable nutrients Fasuyi, ; Busson, Headache, dizziness and confusion may also result as can hyperpyrexia or a sensation of warmth.


The formula for the calculation is: Iron binds gnetjm releases oxygen O2.

The mineral and vitamin contents of Gnetum africanum include haematinic factors such as iron which play major roles in synthesis of haemoglobin Alada, ; Tindal, Harvestplus handbook for carotenoid analysis. A gnethm in this process can lead to serious illnesses. The reduction in the cholesterol level was not statistically significant.

In addition, we had Biochemical Determinations Total serum protein was determined by the Lowry method Asian Pac J Trop Dis. Covering the cooking vessel during cooking leads to the volatile acids being dissolved in the steam generated from condensation and this leads to a reduction of the pH of the cooking water.

This is because, most vegetables in Nigeria are commonly cooked before being consumed and generally, the vegetables are prepared at home on the basis of convenience and taste preference rather than the retention of nutrient and health-promoting compounds.

Kenya trees and shrubs, University Press, London. The fresh leaves are crushed and used to neutralize the effects of alcohol. The blood smear was then allowed to air-dry.