Keep Exploring Britannica September 11 attacks. How I personally judge a movie is by its impact over me when i leave the hall. I do not want to describe a scene or give away any part of the story because I might be accused of being a spoiler. History at your fingertips. Three years later, during a New Year’s Eve ball at the governor-general ‘s palace in Calcutta , Pandey angers Captain Hewson Ben Nealon when he attempts to stop him from severely beating an Indian servant for inadvertently touching the daughter of Mr. The soldiers however, firmly told the Colonel that they would not touch the virtuous Brahmin.

This being his second consecutive patriotic movie the emotions are visible even in his eyes. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Just cleavage and cliche”. It appeared that Pandey had acted without first taking other sepoys into his confidence but that antipathy towards their British officers within the regiment had led most of those present to act as spectators, rather than obey orders. The story is not very gripping but that’s were it makes a big difference. The biggest problem of the film is that it does not have a smooth flow.

Aamir and Toby have great chemistry and are quite believable as best of friends. Why o why so much cleavage was shown, i cant understand!!!! The visual effects of the film mzngal a treat despite minor hiccups.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

One of the female characters brought to light the repugnant practise of Sati whereas the nautch girl was used to depict the presence of pleasure houses for the company employees. Raja Langyage of Rediff panned the film as being about “cleavage and cliche”. Is it easier, then,for the youth of modern India to connect with MTV and reality shows with no content? Inspiring and the ending made my heart heavier.


In the meantime, Baugh had arrived on the field shouting ‘Where is he? All in all, the film is highly entertaining, a good story ;andey well told, with powerful performances by the main characters. Prince of Thieves, not concentrating on the portraits of the rebellion or revolution but too much on the romance! The subsequent conciliatory behaviour of Mitchell convinced the sepoys to return to their barracks.

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Retrieved 10 April However, right up to the mutiny the new rifles had not been issued to them, and the cartridges in the magazine apndey the regiment were as free of grease as they had been through the preceding half-century. Overall, I must say that I felt deeply satisfied after watching this movie. This movie really sucks! Now to the performances. The supporting actors are almost like cameos.

mangal pandey essay in gujarati language

As for the movie goes I was lucky enough to find the ticket. At this juncture, Shaikh Paltu, while trying to defend the two Englishmen called upon the other sepoys to assist him. I saw the movie Mangal Pandey yesterday and the images are still quite vivid in my mind. As per my movie experience goes this is a kind of movies that will grow on any one after every subsequent viewing. Inspiring letter dedicated to Martyrs of written by Swatantryaveer Savarkar Virtuous Brahmin soldier Mangal Pandey was a young Brahmin soldier in the 34 th battalion.

It maybe even helps to explain some of the feelings one can sense just walking about Delhi today as a white person. The paper used in wrapping the cartridges was of a different pandet, arousing suspicions.


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Manzil Manzil Zabardast No, a revolutionary war knows no truce, maangal liberty or death. The beginning of the film when Mangal Pandey is being taken by the British soldiers starts the momentum, which is carried on till the end.

Classically portraying the unnerving bravado known to have been a distinct possession of Mangal Pandey in Indian history books, Aamir Khan sports long hair and a lengthy moustachelanguahe he abuts cannons, crafts uprisings and inspires the audiences.

That is three times in two days. Songs are randomly placed, picturization is average. If you are going to make a film called Mangal Pandey please concentrate all your energies on the central character, Not on his friend Capt. This article is about an Indian Soldier.

Mangal Pandey: Spearheading the ‘Indian Mutiny of 1857’

The music by AR Rahman is louder than usual and some of the beats are frankly out of sync with the times the lesbianish gypsy dance number was a bit much!! Baugh immediately armed himself and galloped on his horse to the lines.

The rising is about the character transformation of esssay idealistic but confused man called Mangal Pandey.