As one would expect, there was lead found in numerous buildings across the district. I reported recently on Williamson County Schools posting information that indicated a delay in the return of TNReady scores for this year. Here are some excellent examples that show the level of effort that is expected from my students:. Joseph is answering this call. You can read the full article here. That report indicated scores would not be returned on the agreed timeline and a delay in report cards would result. Money Please do not allow your child to bring money to school for anything other than lunch, supplies, field trips, bookstore purchases, or school-sponsored fundraisers.

This is a way for students to rework and review what they have just learned in class. See Special provisions for exceptions. Children must be picked up by 3: Imagine studying for an exam, being prepared, and doing well — knowing your performance is a significant factor in your final grade. Please join us for the meetings.

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Use what you have. Overton MNPS announced late last week that Overton High School would start two days late because construction was not completed at the school. He left behind a mess.

The principal must take prompt action to prevent future harm. There will be no impromptu conferences before or homeworm school. Classroom teachers have flexibility as well in methods of motivation and individual classroom expectations.


See Special provisions for exceptions.

mnps homework policy

Text messaging that contains inappropriate content, profanity, or threats to others. In science, polic will be learning a lot of new content at a fast pace. Students arriving between 8: Sending student TCAP results home annually 2.

As we see from the graph below, we have new terminology to use when discussing the data. At no time shall Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools be responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to cell phones brought onto its property.

We encourage you to go over emergency plans for your child in the event of an early dismissal. That final product should be excellent evidence that the student has really worked with the material.

In order to make our classroom a comfortable and encouraging learning environment, we have a clear set of policies and expectations. Homeworrk is a way for students to rework and review what they have just learned in class. MNPS used a Friday news dump to let the city know about the results of the lead testing.

mnps homework policy

Leave This Blank Too: No clothing that is too long, too short, too tight, too loose. MeigsWear shorts are okay. If parents wish, they may send in a healthy snack See uomework at www. Meigs will provide reasonable accommodation to students whose bona fide religious belief, medical condition, or disability requires special clothing.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that will allow our capable learners to perform at high standards of academic and social development. These complaints range from not picking up students at the correct bus stop to some very serious accusations. Regular attendance is extremely important!


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Sounds like the nitwits are coming unglued and trying to blame the bus driver stuff on me. One case in the six-month span included an allegation against a bus driver of inappropriate communication with a student. Pants, shorts, skorts and jumpers must extend below fingertips.

Appropriate footwear honework be worn at all times. Cheating may be, but is not limited to: Anyone picking up a child must show identification.


Your child will be called to the office at the end of the day during the afternoon announcements to get the message. High school students will accumulated sleep debt throughout the school week. The Meigs discipline plan has enough flexibility to allow staff members to counsel students who may not understand the reasons for certain rules and procedures.