Don’t have an account? Spring Registration is now open If you placed a “Student Union” containing the appropriate EventLotMarker objects, your sims will automatically attend orientation on their first full sim-day of class. Of course I know what SP notifications stories are, but what exactly is an inactive homework notification and what have those got to do with schools being crowded or not? I have not opened TS3 for a number of years. Compatible with base game patch 1.

List content tagged seperate by comma: Do your sim complete, sims 3. Homework takes 30 Sim minutes. This requires the University Expansion pack to be installed. If the child is currently going to another school the window will offer “Change School” instead.

Homewprk a further test, you could switch active households during school hours or just prior to one that has children and teens in it and with no intention of saving to see what percentage of their homework they have actually completed.

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Therefore, if your teens are not Homeschooled Careers mod Schools module or on some sort of extended school vacation SP Career module at the time, they may have trouble with conflicting high school and college class schedules. These also require Margaret’s University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs but are not included so you will need to download those from the link above as well. Sims 2 faster homework mod Get my sims 2 level examination in the 2 level Homeschooling is a great option.


Sign in Mod The Sims. Homework takes 1 Sim hour.

Homework mod sims 3

General – Is there a way to raise school nraax when there’s no school? If the child is currently going to another school the window will offer “Change School” instead.

Are you sure we aren’t talking about Overwatch or ErrorTrap script logs?

nraas no homework

How do I set up a Homeworld University? Although I’m sure the last thing you want to see is a school bus lumbering up the path for some reason not honoring an SP or other mod setting to forbid those from appearing or inserting itself into an unwanted field trip scenario, so maybe you’ve found the right approach for now.

Bicycles don’t belong there either but they might look a little less less out of place than other vehicles. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. We promise to help tame the beast. I am in Moonlight Falls.

You will require one of each type of rabbithole in your town. Don’t have an ndaas University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs. The completed homework will automatically be uploaded when you download the new one.

Mod The Sims – Is there a way to raise school performance when there’s no school?

Credit will not be given for homework that is completed but not turned in on time. I switched to another household that was NOT related to my main, and their children had some percentage completed and around D homewoek range. Search Wiki Search Members. Doing so will send you to EA Standard University instead.


This user has the following games installed: Homework mod sims 3 You build two skills at least 3, and will require registration to put homework. If you encounter any issues, again, please report them and I’ll either try gomework fix it or add a warning. What are the options? Don’t have an account?

Since these rabbitholes are huge, Margaret Pendragon Misty has made smaller rug versions available for use in the homeworld: My Teen Sim’s homework disappeared.

Originally Posted by barbarat Have you tried having him use the computer and see if he can sign up to go to school?

nraas no homework

However, faq, naras homework answers. You can correct this by installing Overwatch which replaces the “Age Up” interaction with a custom version. Active sims who age-up.