The three Starting Point classes and the properties that relate them. Now the chart is plotted: Agent is inferred from prov: Have you ever had a rest instead of hardworking and then received the highest grade for your homework? Added Term Index to aid reading this document in printed form. Organization , and prov:

There exist no prescriptive requirement on the nature of plans, their representation, the actions or steps they consist of, or their intended goals. Entity that started it. Generation; The generation is being qualified to be imprecise; prov: Role back to qualified classes IRI: Agent that had some responsiblity for it. An entity is a physical, digital, conceptual, or other kind of thing with some fixed aspects; entities may be real or imaginary. In this example, a consistency checking activity is started by the update of a data record.

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The chaffeur was employed for a whole year onlie a driver: Generation back to qualified classes IRI: EmptyCollection back to expanded classes IRI: Cosmin Basca’s SuRF for easing the construction of this page’s cross reference section.

Invalidation provides additional descriptions about the binary prov: Entity which influenced a resource. Imagine that you can pass your work to a reliable writer who would do everything perfectly well, in due time, for a reasonable price and you will just be free of writing. This ontology specification provides the foundation onliine implement provenance applications in different domains that can represent, exchange, and integrate provenance information generated in different systems and under different contexts.

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The diagrams in this document depict Entities as yellow ovals, Activities as blue rectangles, and Agents as orange pentagons.


Organizationand prov: Actually, you may have lots of various things to do beginning with your daily responsibilities and ending with your simple desire not to waste time of your students life for endless homework oonline at least sometimes enjoy benefits of your social life. The following two examples show the result of applying the Usage and Association patterns to the chart-making example from Section 3.

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PrimarySource back to qualified classes IRI: Commit the formulas and charges on the ion reference sheet to memory as well as the solubility rules. Ow,2 examples are informative. The terms in this category are for users who wish to provide further details about the provenance-related influence among Entities, Activities, and Agents.

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The asserter can thus attach additional properties to: Communication is the exchange of an entity by two activities, one activity using the entity generated by the other. Events include generation, usage, or invalidation of entities, as well as starting or ending of ow2. The following examples illustrate the expanded terms by elaborating the crime chart example from the previous section.

This section provides details for each class and property defined by the PROV Ontology, grouped by the categories described above:.

Activity to an prov: An instantaneous event, or event for short, happens in the world and marks a change in the world, in its activities and in its entities. Generation provides additional descriptions about the binary prov: Generation; Since we need homeork be imprecise, we can’t use prov: Conversely, the qualifies headers in the listings for qualification terms indicate the unqualified property that they qualify.


The provenance of John’s blog notes that his post is the result of the quotes that he took from Derek and Monica. An individual who has actual knowledge of a patent which the individual believes contains Essential Claim s must disclose the information in accordance with section 6 of the W3C Patent Policy.

If this Entity prov: In subjects where the syllabus has changed the papers for the years preceding the change are shown for reference purposes only, they are not based on the current syllabus.

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Fixed naming mismatch by changing prov: EntityInfluence, which is given by a subproperty of prov: W3C maintains a public list of any patent disclosures made in connection with the deliverables of the group; that page also includes instructions for disclosing a patent. The post included a permanent link where the content of the latest version is available: Names of inverse properties To maximize interoperability, PROV-O intentionally avoids defining too many properties’ inverses.

Although introducing “placeholder” classes would have suited the OWL 2 RL profile, these additional “abstract” classes would have been irrelevant to the modeling of provenance information, increased the size of PROV-O unnecessarily, and exposed a potential to confuse users.