Equal opportunity is given in both male and female workers. To satisfy their customers and to deliver them what they want. We also discussed in this paper about the contribution to economy of this company in our country. Factory workers — 20, 5. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the Group they have over the years diversified their activities in several areas.

Term paper on pran rfl group conversion gate. As a market leader they have some market strategy. The number of employee details is given below: Help Center Find new research papers in: We also discussed in this paper about the contribution to economy of this company in our country.

After the success of its mango juice products, the company set up a pulp processing plant at Natore.

Pran rfl group flow

Their recruitment structure is very developed and fair, so that they could build a strong team of employees. Material management training PRAN is Bangladesh’s largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables. Their view is to create more employment to eliminate poverty. Starting successful journey to export market in They export their products more than 77 countries in the world and earning a lot parn foreign currencies to our country.

PRAN-RFL is a corporation whose corporate mission embodies in itself, corporate social responsibilities with the additional compulsion to make profits in order to thrive and grow which it must to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in greater measure as time passes.


Finally we summed up the whole topic and specified them to different chapter and part. Through our communication activities, we let our consumer know about the benefits of our products and innovations.

Sizeable amount is also exported to different countries. At first we discussed about their organizational overview, history, aim, mission, vision industries, corporate office, and methodology. Today the company has its wide ranges of CI products like pumps, pxper wells, bearings, paaper stoves etc and has achieved the prestige as the largest teem iron foundry and light engineering workshop in Bangladesh.

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Supervisory and worker level — 30, workers. The initial main objective was to ensure pure drinking water and affordable irrigation instruments for improved rural life. Strength and weakness are organizations internal factor. They are more advantageous position than China and Vietnam. There are more than 30, employees in the company and mostly women. Getting requisition of the vacant post. The Group comprises of 10 companies.

pran rfl group term paper

Besides this they are the largest agro-processing company in Bangladesh. At last they hired experts from abroad to help preservation procedures. We support our consumers by listening their suggestion, claims or feedback through use of a combination of channels which include websites and Care line phone numbers, etc to reduce any kind of misconception.


General workers — 28, 2. We encourage contract farmers and help them grow quality crops with increased yields and lran obtain fair prn.

Pran rfl group flow

Their motto is to generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for our competitors. Manufacturing and food processing. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Now they are one of the largest conglomerate merger companies. This pulp processing plant involve into mango farming in Natore and other surrounding districts. We know that the success of our business relies on a healthy environment.

pran rfl group term paper

By Aziz R Siddiqi. We provide clear price communication. It started producing agro-processing products in early s and now it produces more than farm products apart from plastic goods.