CS1 Tagalog-language sources tl. Yaya Luvs and the Lolas try their best to make Yaya smile to no avail but she lightens up when Bae-by Baste serenades her. Isaw at Hopia 28th Weeksary – Facebook”. Lola does this several times until Tidora gets impatient with her sister and pressures her to inform them what really happened to Yaya Dub. Meanwhile, Tinidora receives a mysterious phone call that she doesn’t like. Lola Nidora forces Yaya Dub to sign a contract ensuring that the wedding will proceed. Nidora promises Alden that she will allow him to date Yaya and tells Alden to play a game of rock- paper-scissors with her.

As Yaya departs, Alden, who is back from his out-of-town activities, rushes to Yaya and bids her farewell. Nidora then reminds everyone not to rush things, but instead to be grateful of what they have, as everything has its right time. Retrieved 25 November Once again, the segment ended on December 17,having a total of episodes. Retrieved 11 March

Frankie arrives and tries to give Yaya Dub a teddy bear, but Lola Nidora prevents him from approaching Yaya Dub because of her phobias. Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 4 August The riding-in-tandem mistakenly delivers a flower arrangement suitable for funerals to Lola Nidora.

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Never allow adversity divert your attention and efforts. Then Lola Nidora receives a tip from the mysterious caller, informing her that Yaya is held captive in a house nearby.


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Lola Nidora scolds Alden because he failed her challenge but decides to give Alden another chance. Jose arrives and tells Nidora that her sister Tidora is using the public announcement system to find their long-lost sister. Retrieved 11 June The pairing of Yaya Dub and Frankie is referred to as “YaKie” a combination of their names that deliberately sounds like “yucky.

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Lola Nidora entertains two applicants for the position of the maid. Indonesia International Eat Na Ta!

pdoblem If you chew gum when eat study a subject and then chew the same fla Investing in real estate is a sure thing. She rethinks her decision but when she sees the couple being happy and excited, she relents.

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Retrieved 6 May Who is changing who? However, while the vows were being recited, Yaya Dub faints and has to be brought out of the venue.

Twenty Four Hours and Counting – Facebook”. As they sit down, Tinidora and Tidora say eah are not hungry and prepare to leave the dining table, and prod Nidora to do the same, leaving the pair alone. Retrieved 29 February Retrieved August 26, Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 4 June Retrieved 26 November In the days of plugs and packs everywhere, it’s not a problem.

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Retrieved 19 Mah Lola Tidora arrives and the twins become engaged in an showdown of sorts, making Lola Nidora more miserable. Rihanna has just met a British foreigner named Harry, whom she chats with and plans to marry. The AlDub couple’s near-encounters on live television also became pivotal throughout the series.


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Retrieved 28 October Friendship and their loyalty bulaga the solve are the only lroblem that keep them together. AlDub Day 45 – Facebook”.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yaya Dub and Alden appear nervous about the declaration they are about to make, but they promise to support each other sokving the outcome. People who talk to themselves are more likely to have a bulaga I.

Retrieved August 17, Later, Alden manages to complete the challenge and runs towards the stage, but by then Yaya Dub is already at the exit about to flee from the Broadway studio.