Separate records are preferred for the tangible resource and the online resource. Please be aware that older BYU records may have used different terminology, punctuation, spacing, and capitalization, as well as different tags to convey information of this type. RDA is compatible with internationally established principles, models, and standards. Edit the record to reflect those differences. Guidelines Use the following guidelines when coding integrating resources: It will allow library bibliographic records to be integrated with those produced by other metadata communities, and to move into the digital environment beyond library catalogs. Enter the field after field

When applying Library of Congress Subject Headings, note that no “thesis” form subdivision is available for use. For more information, see field Includes bibliographical references leaves Code for the mode of issuance of the component e. Generally, do not use.

3.4.2 Descriptive Cataloging of Theses and Dissertations

Also, the controlled terms in the RDA instructions for content, media, and carrier types can be replaced in local displays by terms chosen for local users. Code for the regularity of updates to the resource e. If LBD or LHR are not appropriate, the data is only of local interest, and you want to include the information for your local processing, OCLC recommends using fields that are not retained in the master bibliographic record.

This will result in a single bibliographic record that represents multiple instances of the same online resource for any one language of cataloging. Enter the commercial provider of a photocopy or POD reproduction as a source of acquisition in a separate field as needed. In the following fields LBDs are valid: Formal republications of published or unpublished theses, whether by the degree-granting institution or a commercial publisher.


rda thesis cataloguing

cataloguuing When cataloging the digital version of a print resource, generally create a separate record for the digital version. Guidelines If there is an existing record for a photocopy or POD reproduction that is cataloged in accord with these provider-neutral instructions, use that existing record for a new photocopy or POD reproduction of the same resource. Core-ness is identified at the element level. Use field instead.

Thesis Cataloguing (RDA)

Example of a single record for the tangible non-electronic resource with a reference to the online resource: Please visit this collection and locate questions given below under the heading “Unit V” where you will also find their URLs. Code microform reproduction fixed-field elements, except Tdafor the original item described in the body of the entry, not for the reproduction, which you describe in field Code the fixed-field element Form for the type of reproduction described in field Although records we create according to the RDA standard will continue to follow current capitalization rules in theyou may notice member contributed RDA records that use the alternative capitalization rule.

Place of publication, tesis, or execution: RDA offers libraries the potential to change significantly how bibliographic data is created and used. Use the following guidelines for theses: They often carry an indication of place of publication and commercial publisher. Notes Music Library Association. If the recording lacks a title, supply one following RDA 2.


Descriptive Cataloging of Theses and Dissertations | Cataloging Department | HBLL

Use code m only for the following general classes of digital resources: Use field to record that data if needed e. Consequently, if no place of publication appears, enter [Place of publication not identified].

Guidelines Separate bibliographic records may be created for offprints or detached copies. RDA provides a consistent, flexible and extensible framework for the description of all types of resources, including digital resources and those with multiple characteristics. Optionally, add personal catalouing access points and relationship terms for any degree supervisors, degree committee members, etc.

3 Special Cataloging Guidelines

For non-textual resources, include a continuing resources field Use the authorized access point of the source item in field Volume 24, number 1. Code field for aspects of the microform reproduction. You may enter a separate record for a government document if it is in a medium thesiss from that in the GPO record.

rda thesis cataloguing

Enter the cartographic mathematical information appropriate to the original resource if readily available. Edit the record to reflect those differences.

Enter the field after field Separate bibliographic records may be created for offprints or detached copies. In such cases, add a note concerning the bibliographic history of the resource e.