So the combination will be.. I have taken these last few weeks to find a place to volunteer and I was rejected from all of them too. Therefore, if your Sjsu admission essay superscore is currently below awe strongly recommend that you consider prepping for the SAT and retaking it. Newbie in Canyon Country, California said: I emailed the department too and they said the same thing.

OTguy in Mankato, Minnesota. Much awaited SJSU thread – shivanandatre – If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. I was also thinking about applying there but I thought I would not qualify because of their 4. Seabiscuit in Garden Grove, California said: I’m waiting for a professor to write me a letter stating that I have cadaver experience and then I will submit my application.

Newbie in Canyon Country, California 79 months ago. Btw, what are your stats? I know I should have but I just kept on postponing it.

sjsu thesis information packet

Job title, keywords, or company. Either include them, in sealed sjsi, with the documents that you send to the Graduate Admissions office, or, if your recommenders mail them directly, ask that they be mailed to the CS department and not the Graduate Admissions office.

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Occupational therapy master’s program. OTv1 in California 79 months ago. Deadline dates for submission may be found at http: Much awaited SJSU thread – shivanandatre – I think it might be a bad thing that you were not evaluated higher by the OT but if you have a strong personal statement, grades, and letters of rec, you could be ok. Now that makes me super nervous. If I don’t get an aid, will the costs be low to afford?


sjsu thesis information packet

Thanks guys, thats really helpful. When did it change?

But anyways, a writing score of 5 is really nice! If anyone has questions about the GRE send me an email at adrenaliholic gmail. All content is user created. OK i’m not sure why Indeed said that I was in Austin earlier This transcript has my semester-wise marks of all the subjects that I undertook during all the 8 semesters of study at College.

So I wanted to share my stats as well. Because the school admits Transfer applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges attended, but do not need to submit high school transcripts.

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Seabiscuit in Garden Grove, California said: I love that you didn’t give up. Put proper headers in your packet. The mailing address is: I would be happy to go to any of these schools honestly. Letters of recommendation and personal statements or essays are not considered in the admission selection process at SJSU and cannot be submitted as part of your appeal.


Of course, if employers really like you, they aren’t going to care about where you graduated from. I like how you want to go to USC for peds though. Much thesia SJSU thread – hinalsinghi – When did you apply seabiscuit? Now, take the next steps toward enrolling.

Occupational therapy master’s program

I don’t think she was able to rate me very high because she wasn’t able to observe me as she was rating so she had to rely on memory. Did you end up trying to apply for SJSU or no? How long does it take for a decision from now?

Well, hopefully we find out tomorrow!