Effect of age of seedlings on aromatic rice Oryza sativa L. Thesis, Instutitu Pertainian Bogor, Indonesia. Cost – benefit analysis of different rice cropping systems in Thailand. U59 ] Rajbhandari, Rajeev. Evaluation studies on applicability and strategies for improvement of SRI the Systems of Rice Intensification with direct seeding Chinese milk vetch residue-mulched no-till paddy rice Oryza sativa L in Southern Korea. Master thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. A model Indonesian SRI co-operative.

Thesis ingeniero agronomo , Universidad de Cundinamarca. Agricultural technologies for marginal farming systems in Asia: Studies on effect of system of rice intensification on the yield of CMS and restorer lines under the organic and inorganic management. Contribution a l’etude economique de la fertilisation du sol sur culture de riz en SRI: University of Capetown, South Africa. Management of rice production systems to increase productivity in The Gambia, West Africa. PhD dissertation, University of Tokyo.

Master’s thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. French Bonlieu, Frederic.

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Master’s thesis, Institut Pertanian Bogor Indonesia. Cost – benefit analysis of different rice cropping systems in Thailand. An actor-network perspective on the socio-technical shaping of farmers’ practices in north India. Case study, the Volta Region of Ghana.


Study on System of Rice Intensification in transplanted and direct-seeded versions compared with standard farmer practice in Chitwan, Nepal. Sustainable agricultural techniques and performance oriented empowerment, an actor-network theory approach to CEDAC agricultural and empowerment programmes in Cambodia. Massey University New Zealand. System of Rice Intensification: Master’s thesis, Tribhuvan University Nepal. Perbaikan teknologi budidaya padi Oryza sativa L.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad

Agricultural intensification in Nepal, with particular reference to systems of rice intensification. Thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Universidad Agraria de la Habana Cuba. Impact of management on soil fertility and rice yields in smallholder farms in Tanzania.

Master’s thesis, University of Nairobi Kenya. Kualitas mikroorganisme lokal Mol yang digunakan pada penanaman padi Oryza sativa L.

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C Photographs, Image, Maps, Art works, etc. Efficiency of fertilizer with enriched straw compost under system of rice intensification SRI rice cultivation in tidal areas of South Kalimantan.

Integrated agronomic and socioeconomic kas of a water-saving rice crop management system in the Sahel.

thesis uas dharwad

Considerable progress has been registered in the field of education, dhrwad and extension from this University. The jurisdiction includes dry-farming to heavy rainfall and irrigated area.


University of Capetown, South Africa. Master of Professional Studies paper, Cornell Univeristy.

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A comparative study of nutrient management in paddy under SRI and traditional methods of cultivation. Master’s thesis, Iowa State University. Summary of findings from thesis research on SRI in Madagascar. Productivity and economic viability of rice under different planting pattern and age of seedlings through System of Rice Intensification SRI. Improving the performance of system of rice intensification by seed priming.

Sokoine University of Agriculture Morogoro, Tanzania. Master’s thesis, University of Tokyo Japan.

thesis uas dharwad

Master thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Greater diversity exists in soil types, climate, topography cropping and farming situations.

Master’s thesis, Uppsala University, Sweden. Gyeongsang National University South Korea. System of Rice Intensification under different plant population and levels of nitrogen.