I could look at a table of values which one of my students had computed and guess pretty quickly whether they had entered them into the calculator correctly. There are a lot of problems in the webhomework mainly sections 5. Menu Skip to content. Similarly, I knew how I should expect numerical computations to behave. Michigan has a large room called the mathlab it could probably hold people or so filled with round tables and staffed 8 hours a day by tutors who can provide help with mathematics courses. You can see the exams here: Feel free to read, and feel free to call me David rather than Professor Speyer.

And I think that, to teach college math well, you need to be aware of a great deal of mathematics, well beyond the official level of your course. If some of my readers were among those who did, can you tell me how you stayed motivated? The intended focus of the problem is on how to set up the correct integral in the first place. I found my calculus classes to be the place where I really learned algebra. I was very concerned about this going into the course. Mathematical writing is a specialized skill. Feel free to read, and feel free to call me David rather than Professor Speyer.

So this advice really did turn out to work, despite my skepticism.

umich math 116 team homework

Grad students graduate; postdocs leave. I had a CS student who, homewor, a final project, was making a winamp-like program and was trying to figure out how you take an audio signal and extract a sequence of musical pitches, so I jath to tell him about Fourier windowing, and he really did get it to work!

I should have taught it explicitly. But the simplest argument for math professor value is low-level teaching.

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The athletes really got a kick out of table 1 from this papershowing how world class runners accelerate second by second; a lot of students enjoyed figuring out how long a runway a Ford Mustang needs to accelerate to mph using the data here.


Every time they copied an expression from one part of the page to another, there is a high probability that a plus sign will change to a minus. And, while skilled instructors with an excellent command of the mathematical field may be more common than skilled researchers, they are going to be rare as well.

umich math 116 team homework

The exams You can see the exams here: My intended audience here is others who are about to teach Calculus at Michigan, or people who are wondering what it would be like to set up a Michigan-style program in their own departments. This student has not learned nearly as much as we want him to.

I think this is a great idea, and every university should set this up. I very much doubt you can visually perceive the difference between a straight line and two lines making an angle of with each other and this can make a substantial difference in an integral.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus

You can see the exams here: I am going to say something which is obviously against my professional interest. There are a lot of problems in the homewwork mainly sections 5. It builds personal connections within a department. But he also has mastered a nontrivial skill.

Working with people, no matter what, will be a source of tension. You still need to give those teachers many hours a week of reading mathematics and thinking about mathematics, to keep their minds fresh and to keep them up to date with applications.

Introductory material is best taught by people with more experience than grad students generally have. The umicb is like a live-action version of math.


Even if the math dept got to keep the money, I suspect 1116 is nothing we would like to do with it more than hire a top researcher! This paradox demonstrates the point very vividly. How many of those competitors come back the next year? I think I did a good job explaining it and fitting it into the course material. I also had a lot of fun. Over and over, I saw umlch who really committed to their teams get great benefits out of it.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus | Secret Blogging Seminar

I would be happier if the exams had one or two more basic questions, with the rest staying as they are. For example, one question asked students to numerically approximate at. The course coordinators were really hardworking and insightful people.

In Spring I often was unable to sleep for fear that I had misplanned my Hodge Theory lectures, so it was a major relief to be so well taken care of. Because, if I were a student in this class, I would have highly resented being forced to work with students not at my level. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Landing in the middle of that pack is an accomplishment, and I have decided to be proud of it.

umich math 116 team homework

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