Naughton, Geraldine Assessing the anaerobic characteristics of children. Medson, Caroline Parameters influencing yeast-mediated reactions in an organic solvent. Buchan, Susan Muted Voices: Lorains, Megan Decision making in sport: Hill, Gavin Peak power reduction in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing transmitters. Kim, Hyeonju A psychographic segmentation study of Korean tourists to Australia.

Karagoz, Yakub Exploring barriers to knowledge sharing in temporary organisations and their implications on project success: Krstev, Helen Reactive psychosis in a first-episode psychosis population. Goulding, Carmel Resident travel motives in a small island state: Hinwood, Marian A study of influences and experiences contributing to the attitudes of a group of vocational students towards science. Elliot, John Gerard Airway dimensions in the sudden infant death syndrome. Mudge, Patrick The effect of thoracolumbar high velocity low amplitutde manipulation on gross trunk rotational range of motion: We have guidelines that set out the formats for research theses.

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Harvey, Kathryn Opportunities for marketing chilled Indian samosas in Australia. Hough, Natasha A study of physiotherapists’ and chiropractors’ knowledge and opinions of osteopaths.

Chugh, Ritesh Knowledge ubiquity through the transfer of tacit knowledge in Australian universities.

Lenc, Emil Digital image transformation and compression. Hydon, David A review of the boundaries of urban conservation zones in Ascot Vale and Flemington in thesiis light of municipal restructure. Chenoby, Helen The role of ICT in student engagement in learning mathematics in a preparatory university program. Butler, Jade As you cannot hear the sound of losing: Johnson, Joshua C Molecular investigations of gene families encoding foldase enzymes in wheat.


One copy will have all third party material without permissions thesjs, while the other will be the complete.

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Hegarty, Kathryn From mountains to molehills: Further, it discusses some of the New Zealand settlements in which military land grants were concentrated. Out of such emotional responses arose practical actions to help the refugees through subscriptions and offers of assistance both from within and outside New Zealand.

Millar, John Samuel Kinematics of drop punt kicking in Australian rules football – comparison of skilled and less skilled kicking.

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Mitchell, Euan Wallace Making noises: In many developing countries, Community-Based Tourism CBT is regarded as a sustainable tourism development tool as well as a catalyst for rural community development through the involvement of local people and the Keating, Maree Learning from retrenchment: Hafeez, Sayyada Amatul The genetics of mycolic acids biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum.

The electronic copy of your thesis will be held in the ResearchArchive. Chai, Bing Cheng Development and validation of a novel approach for the analysis of marine biotoxins. Dolan, Chelsea Louise Developmental perspectives on community beliefs and attitudes about sleep. Cai, Zibo Impulse radio intrabody communication system for wireless body area networks.

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Copyright When depositing your thesis we ask if you have used any third party content. Georgievski, Mladen Quality of service management for multimedia communications: Research Master thesis, School of Communication and the Arts. Butler, Nancy Male and female relationships in Australian fiction Grunfeld, Helena The contribution of information and communication technologies for development ICT4D projects to capabilities, empowerment and sustainability: Lertputtarak, Sarunya An investigation of factors related to research productivity in a public university in Thailand: Da Costa, Annette Celine Neuropsychological profiles of children and adolescents with craniosynostosis.


Baharim, Shahril Bin The influence of knowledge sharing on motivation to transfer training: JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Marshall, Albert The sounds of culture: Gutierrez, Ben Paul Baltazar The dynamics of brand choice behaviour in selected personal care products in urban Philippines.

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Nen, Salina Experiences of Malaysian professionals working with sexually abused children: Kealesitse, Botshabelo The impact of performance-based reward system PBRS on customers’ perceived service outcomes. Mumford, Kelley The acute effects of taping on proprioception in the ankle with previous inversion sprain.

Ghosh, Madhubani Development and economic evaluation of strategies to reduce turnaround time at the Calcutta Haldia port complex: