Prevent him or her from achieving their optimum health. An eighth-grader could write the WST, for goodness sake. Stop watching this discussion. Genuinely I just read through it again yesteryear and yet We numerous head to fix it and today I wanted to study it again ever again considering that it is somewhat well written. Purpose of the passage What is the passage trying to do? Rhetorical Strategy Skim and annotate the passage. SJSU offers a multitude of writing workshops every month that inform students how to construct thesis sentences, brainstorm in-class essay ideas and other skills.

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Electronic power certification is comparatively gainful to arrive a position.

Writing Skills Test (WST) Workshop: Multiple Choice

Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Suppose at this point the writer decided to add more information.

Topics have ranged from subjects such as salary quotas for entertainers and athletes to defending the right to have the death penalty.

wst sjsu sample essay

The spectrum of essay topics sjsy much too broad. Audience Who could be reading this? A man can begins his business coming about to finishing this course and he can repair distinctive electronic things and can make circuit game plan.

Preparing for the WST – The Write Attitude

Not to mention SJSU requires students to take an English placement exam immediately after enrollment. Esay involuntary nature of the WST test, along with its essentialness to take upper division GEs W classes makes it feel like a pointless pit stop in our education path.


Welcome to the discussion. One way is to have strict requirements for when the WST should be taken.

Close Modal Window Hang on for a djsu Another possible change would be to release a list of topics to the test takers a week or so before they take the exam. Students are required to pass the test by their Junior year, before they take any upper division and major specific classes.

Note the differences in the answers.

Although costly, such programs are proven to produce long term benefits. Therefore, there is a great need to develop school programs to target teens at risk for developing a smoking habit.

Testing Office

After some tense moments, as the sorely outnumbered colonial were dispersing, some blood was shed. Good to go over the post here.

wst sjsu sample essay

Instead I got a vague essay which I had 45 minutes to complete. Purpose of the passage What is the passage trying to do? Prevent one from achieving his or her optimum health. Everything we are needed to get more knowledge on educational websites. Readers are most likely asmple regard the passage as: A humbling blow to the ego, it sends the wrong message that we are bad writers, when really this outdated test is to blame.

Use the ‘Report’ link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. These classes provide more English knowledge than the WST can even come close to.


Universities such as Harvard and UC Berkeley offer free online courses in a variety of subjects in their EDX series, a free online platform for instruction that would be immeasurably more effective than a mandatory paid writing test.

Walk by the testing samplw before the exam day to know where it will take place Pre-pack all materials, relax, and sleep well the day before the exam The morning of the exam, take 10 minutes to write down your fears and thoughts to clear your mind and to focus Tips adapted from SparkNotes.

I took numerous standardized writing tests in order to get to college, like the SAT and college entry exam.

wst sjsu sample essay

The WST is a flawed exam because it has subjective grading standards. More flowed at Concord, and much more along the route of the British as they retreated to Boston, harassed most of the way by an wjsu citizenry.

Eessay Aug 1, 9: Macaulay said if the strike continues the fraternity will have to rely on its alumni to find a way to get the house inspected. There are, however, five major trends in contemporary criticism that take into account almost every significant critical essay written in the twentieth century.

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