The Seljuq Sultan, Tuhgril Beg, understood the need to surround himself with trustworthy and loyal Persian ministers. There were others as well, but by all accounts the school remained small. The propagation of the QadirT creed clearly showed the rising threat felt by the traditionalists. This shall be discussed in a later section in this chapter. Muhammad, commonly known as Ibn Abl al-‘Izz al-Hanafl d. As if there is such a thing as ‘Islam’! The third group are those who made reason the basis asl , and then looked at Scripture based upon reason.

The reason for this perpetual fascination is obvious: How convenient for the President to highlight Christian violence in previous eras while ignoring all the more recent, salient examples of violence, death, and destruction wrought by, among other things, his drone program. Al-Subkl, typically critical of any non-Ash’arT especially one that would dare consider them heretics , accuses al-KundurT, rather incredulously, of 1 R. Routledge, , pp. Matba’at Mustafa al-Babi al- Halabl wa-awladih, Harvard Press, , p.

So sunna and not sunnah.

Yasir Qadhi Dissertation

The question arises as to what type of help he was asking: It can be said that giving precedence to reason over Revelation is impossible and contradictory, whereas giving precedence to Revelation over reason is possible and consistent. Dominant Islamophobic Narratives -UK. Nizam al-Mulk explicitly states that the attempt to change the theology of the people of Baghdad from Hanbalism to Asharism is impossible, and because it is qafhi so much chaos, this needs to be abandoned and the people left alone.

Bosworth, The New Islamic Dynasties, p.

The most comprehensive collection of biographies, spanning seventy five entries over seven centuries, is: In his seminal work on AsharT theology, qaxhi wrote that an intellectual proof had the authority to trump any prophetic tradition. For example, in Q. And this, Ibn Taymiyya says, is in fact the nature of blameworthy innovations and the reason previous nations were led astray, for evil is only accepted if it is mixed with some truth.


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And with this doctrine, Sunni theologians claim, 1 we may mark the beginnings of the science that later was called kalam. There does not appear to have been qafhi physical violence because of this removal. The relatively minor role that Ash’arism had prior to this stage is demonstrated by the dearth of its adherents.

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yasir qadhi thesis

For a thhesis different, but not qadho, interpretation, see: The person chosen for this endeavor was Abu Nasr Abd al-Rahlm b. Fearing that his death was nigh, he asked and was granted permission to return to his family, where he died on the 15 th of Safar, 7 th Sep, It is for this reason that it was chosen by the greatest Hanball theologian of medieval Islam, who wrote, not one, but two large works and possibly a third smaller one refuting it.

Those who reject anything that comes from the Messengers, based on what they perceive as their own theiss, have been chastised in numerous verses, as in Q.

Even if al-KundurT might not have considered him heretical, he still preferred his legal school over the rival Shafi’T school.

yasir qadhi thesis

Although he was by no means the first theologian to try to defend or yxsir Ash’arl theology, he did succeed in succinctly and systematically presenting the logical and theological justifications for Ash’arl kalam. Isn’t it slightly pertinent that many ISIS militants were captives in US detention centers, like Abu Ghraib, experiencing all kinds of lurid humiliation, abject torture, and vile sexual abuse at the hands of their li e ato s?



Ibn Taymiyya is almost universally acknowledged as one of the primary representatives of a more fundamentalist strain of Islam. Ghani The Stranger Destiny is no matter of chance.

It’s no different for Islamic Law. It is to them that I dedicate vii this dissertation.

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My other friends in the graduate program deserve special mention: The question at stake is: Orient Institut der DMG,4: And beyond Iraq, isn’t the proxy war in Syria that has resulted in the brutal massacre of hundreds of thousands of civilians apropos to the spread and support of ISIS in that region? How convenient for the President to highlight Christian violence in previous eras while ignoring all the more recent, salient examples of violence, death, and destruction wrought by, among other things, his drone program.

The issue that he was aqdhi was regarding whether it was permissible to delve into theological disputes regarding issues that were not explicitly found in the Sacred Texts. Oneworld Press,pp. Abu ‘All al-Faqlh d. What is so obje tio a le a out Wood’s essa is e apsulated i his state e t: